YouTube sensation Cleetus McFarland will be heading to Ford Festival to make an appearance in “Neighbor” his blown Crown Vic during the burnout competition. The 700+ hp ex-patrol car is coming off of the popular Cleetus and Cars event and will head to the center of Beech Bend Raceway’s oval to obliterate a set of tires for spectators. We are confident that Cleetus will put on one heck of a show and look forward to see how other competitors step up to the plate and deliver the best Ford-only burnout competition of the year!

It looks to be a packed house full of the craziest blue-oval cars who are determined to put on the ultimate smoke show for viewers! There will be other events taking place including NMRA Drag Racing, Autocross, 3S Challenge, Show-N-Shine and more. Don’t miss out on the Inaugural Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival this September 26-29!