Making an appearance at the 2020 Intergalactic Ford Festival will be “Bigfoot #5”, Bob Chandler’s 87′ Ford pickup one of the largest and widest trucks in the world! Built to handle a set of massive 10 foot tall Firestone Tundra tires, it utilizes two standard pickup truck frames to gain some extra height. A 460 CI engine moves the 28,000 lb truck through its 5-ton military axles. Debuting in the late 80’s, Bigfoot #5 is still considered the biggest monster truck ever built.


We’re excited to have this historic truck at Ford Festival as well as tons of other wild blue-oval powered vehicles! There will be other events taking place including NMRA Drag Racing, Autocross, 3S Challenge, Show-N-Shine and more. Don’t miss out on the Holley Intergalactic Ford Festival this October 1-4!