Off-Road Experience

Off-Road Experience

Holley Ford Festival is back to playing in the dirt at Ford Festival! Track builder John Goodby and his staff, known for building out our LS Fest West off-road course, are taking over a special section of dirt at Beech Bend Raceway and are freshening up the off-road course for both spectators and participants to enjoy.

This year we’re adding in an obstacle course for those who want to take their capable off-road Ford’s off the beaten path at the event.

FUN HAVER Bronco Activation!

Vaughn Gittin Jr. and the Fun Haver team will be in attendance with their off-road capable Ford Bronco to send it on our off-road style short course! These activities and more are adding to the fun at Intergalactic Ford Festival! Don’t miss it!

TORR Raptors Invade Holley Ford Festival!

This year Holley is excited to announce that TORR (The Off-Road Revolution) will be invading Ford Festival! That’s right. Late Model, wide track, mid and long travel, track prepped Ford Raptors will be shredding up the off road short course throughout the weekend! Don’t miss your opportunity to see these high performance trucks tearing it up!

The goal of TORR is to grow and support the off-road community by providing safe, fun, and exciting off-road events for all capable trucks and driver experience levels. Focusing on family friendly outdoor activities by providing access to venues typically not available to the public.

Check out one of their latest videos from their Durhamtown, GA event and come out to Beech Bend and support them during Ford Festival!

HOOPTIE X Returns With Full Senders, No Pretenders!

Big tires, floating suspension, and high-priced builds may not be your thing, but we’ve still got you covered. Check out the Hooptie X event coming to Ford Festival.  You won’t want to miss the Hooptie X challenge brought in by Gambler 500. This series proves to be some of the most affordable, fun and most accessible off road racing that you can participate in throughout the country. What kind of vehicles are welcome? Any old Ford will do, from your Ford Escort to a Tempo, Crown Vic, or maybe your Mom’s old Windstar or Aerostar minivan. Hooptie X is a timed exhibition race that features drivers not afraid to send it and cause some carnage for a good cause.

Click here to view the rules for the Hooptie X Challenge.

Don’t just watch all the fun take place! Bring out your own new or old Ford Bronco, Raptor, Ranger or other Ford-powered off-road vehicles to play in the dirt at our Ford Festival Off-Road Experience! We’ll have our fast and flowing off-road short course and our obstacle course on hand to provide a positive driving experience whether you’re looking for a mild or wild trail. Register now to destroy some dirt!

  • Obstacle Course: Perfect for those that want to showcase their crawling prowess, the off-road obstacle course boasts natural and manmade obstacles (i.e. rocks/boulders, telephone poles/logs, and large earth moving implement tires etc.) arranged in a fashion that will put any off-road ready Ford, Chevy, or Mopar to the test.
  • Flex Ramp: A flex ramp will also be onsite for those who want to prove their suspension is really built for taking things off angle!
  • Truck Tugs: For extra fun, call out your buddy or anyone else registered for off road and see who can out pull who in a one on one tug-o-war.  Holley will provide the rope!

If you don’t want to put your ride through its paces, feel free to just park it in our Off Road Showcase and enjoy the rest of the activities going on!

Off-Road Experience Participant Rules

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